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Construction and Operation of Belarusian Antarctic Research Station at Mount Vechernyaya, Enderby Land Final Comprehensive Environmental Evaluation

The Republic of Belarus is planning to set up a research station in Antarctica, in order to obtain the status of the Consultative Party to the Antarctic Treaty and to raise international authority of the Republic of Belarus. For that purpose, a draft of a Comprehensive Environmental Evaluation (CEE) "Construction and operation of Belarusian Antarctic research station at mount Vechernyaya, Enderby Land" was prepared and presented by the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus at the session of Committee for Environmental Protection (CEP) within the framework of XXXVII Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting (ATCM), Brasilia, Brazil, 28 Apr 2014 - 07 May 2014. 

Presentation of the final CEE of the Republic of Belarus at the ATCM XXXVIII, Sofia, Bulgaria, 1-10 June 2015, will help to create the legal preconditions for the construction of Belarusian Antarctic research station.
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