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Development of the country’s mineral resource base

22.05.2019 | 00:00

Belarus is home to 84 hydrocarbon deposits (60 of them under development, 71%), more than 1,000 deposits of solid fuels, ore and nonmetallic minerals (464 of them are being developed, 37%), and 380 fresh groundwater deposits and 245 mineral groundwater deposits (407 of which are used).

The country has big raw-materials capacities, including huge reserves of potash and rock salts, dolomite, chalk and marl-chalk rocks, glass and silicate sands, building stone, clay raw materials, peat, sapropel, fresh and mineral groundwater.

In 2018, works were launched to develop 39 deposits of solid minerals (their parts), including 21 deposits of sands and sand-gravel-boulder materials, five peat deposits, three sapropel deposits, three sand and sand clay deposits, one deposit of potash salt, five deposits of gravel-sand-boulder materials and sand, and one clay deposit.

In 2019, tenders will be held to find an investor (concessioner) for the following concession objects: “Poznyakevichskaya Square (structure), Elsk District, Gomel Oblast”, “Akulichskaya Square (structure), Narovlya District, Gomel Oblast”, “Gorodnoye Quartz Sand Deposit” (Eastern Deposit), Stolin District, Brest Oblast”, “Yuzhno-Orshansky oil-bearing area, Orsha District, Dubrovno District, Vitebsk Oblast, Gorki District, Mogilev Oblast”.
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