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Keeping communities clean


Preventing environmental law violations, including illegal dumping, is one of the priorities of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection.

Illegal dumping most often occurs near dacha settlements, in the forest, along roads, on the premises of quarries, as well as in population centers.

At the end of 2022, local offices of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection detected more than 19,000 illegal dumping sites and eliminated more than 98% of them. The work to clean up the rest is still underway.

Local offices of the ministry primarily rely on awareness raising and warnings to prevent such violations. Fines are issued to those who regularly violate environmental law and are not receptive to calls to keep their communities clean.

It should be noted that fines have proved to be the most effective way to prevent environmental law violations. Thus, if you have witnessed such a violation, you should not only report it, but also record information that will help identify a perpetrator (for example, take a photo, write down the vehicle identification number, etc).

The situation with illegal dumping largely depends on the state of environmental awareness and behavior patterns of people. Everyone wants to live in a clean community, but not everyone keeps it clean. Sometimes waste is dumped by organizations that want to save on waste disposal.

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