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Plans to open pesticide recycling plant in Belarus by year-end

Aleksandr Korbut. Photo courtesy of the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Ministry
Aleksandr Korbut. Photo courtesy of the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Ministry

MINSK, 26 April (BelTA) – A plant designed to destroy pesticides is supposed to open in Belarus by the end of the year, BelTA learned from Belarusian First Deputy Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Minister Aleksandr Korbut.


Aleksandr Korbut said: “Pesticides were stockpiled in Belarus in the 1970s. This is why there are certain concerns that they may be harmful. As part of the international technical aid project on the sustainable management of persistent organic pollutants and chemical substances in the Republic of Belarus aka GEF-6 we've arranged an inspection of the remaining pesticide stockpiles. The trend is positive for now and there is no effect on the environment. Meanwhile, we are preparing a new project for the sake of extracting the pesticides, repackaging them, and storing them in Chechersk.”


In his words, pesticide recycling depends on the chemical composition of the pesticides. Pesticides that contain mercury can be recycled only by designated enterprises, which are available in France and Germany, for example.


“We expect that a Russian company or at least our investor will complete the commissioning of the pesticide recycling plant by the end of the year. It is supposed to get rid of not only pesticides that contain mercury. As part of the project we've inspected 1,000 barrels full of dangerous substances. We know the composition of each of them. This is why one can rest assured that the destruction of the pesticides will proceed in an environmentally safe manner. I'd like to note that the substances we will be unable to destroy will be transported out of the country,” the first deputy natural resources and environmental protection minister summarized.


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