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PM presents state awards to Belarusians of various professions

MINSK, 1 July (BelTA) – Belarus’ Prime Minister Roman Golovchenko presented state awards to Belarusians from various professional fields on 1 July, BelTA has learned.

“Today, following the instruction of the president of Belarus, well-deserved awards have been conferred on real professionals, whose work, talent, and dedication have been acknowledged by the state. The fact that today’s event is taking place in the run-up to our main state holiday, Independence Day, makes it particularly important and solemn. The unity, sense of national identity and iron will of our ancestors predetermined the formation of a sovereign Belarusian state. Belarusians have earned the right to have their own state, they fought fiercely and fearlessly against the occupiers during the Great Patriotic War, worked selflessly to rebuild the liberated country and revive the national economy. Our sacred duty is to build on the achievements of our ancestors and make our homeland a stronger and more prosperous country,” Roman Golovchenko remarked.

He noted that the country is making meaningful progress in economy, manufacturing, agriculture, healthcare, education, science, innovative technologies, and culture. “When we talk about the wealth of a country, we often mean all these areas. Indeed, we have something to be proud of. However, the prosperity of any nation depends on its people. Prosperity is achieved by selfless, hardworking and honest people who are faithful to their cause, such as those present in the hall. On this day, we are proudly celebrating your contribution to the prosperity of our Motherland. Each of you is a shining example of the fact that hard work and dedication are essential for achieving goals and this work is acknowledged by the state,” the prime minister emphasized.

People from all walks of life have been awarded the Medal for Labor Merits, there are many agricultural workers among them. “Thanks to the current agricultural policy, Belarus has achieved food self-sufficiency and helps other states enhance their food security. What is particularly important is that our food products are in demand in foreign markets. Belarusian foodstuffs have earned a reputation for their high quality, and this is the result of your work. Thank you for your dedication,” said the Belarusian head of government.

The awardees include numerous representatives of the education sector. “You do not only share knowledge, you help children find their moral compass and grow into decent human beings; you teach them to think critically and take responsibility for their actions; you prepare young people for their future careers. It is impossible to overestimate the significance of your work for Belarus,” emphasized Roman Golovchenko.

Civil servants were awarded the Medal For Impeccable Service. “The implementation of large-scale projects and efficient handling of the tasks set by the country's leadership largely depend on the professionalism of managerial personnel. There are no random people in the civil service. These are patriots who put the interests of the state and society above their own, and are ready to work as much as needed to deliver results. There is no other way. I hope that you will continue to perform your service with honor and dignity,” the prime minister noted.

The recipients of the awards included representatives of the energy sector, statistics, judiciary, mass media, and forestry. The government fully appreciates their contribution to the domestic economy.

“It’s not often that the Medal For Saved Life is awarded. But today is such a day. Risking his own life, Andrei Zdanovich [a mason with the Brest Housing and Utility Services] saved a five-year-old girl. This high award acknowledges his courage while rescuing the girl from a burning building,” the head of government noted.

Talking to journalists, Andrei Zdanovich noted that he does not feel like a hero at all. According to him, when he saw a fire in his neighbors’ apartment, he acted immediately and focused on saving the child.

“Your successes and achievements are not an accident, but the result of hard work, perseverance and love for the cause you serve. You have not only achieved significant results in your work, but also become an example for others. And your awards honor the efforts of your entire teams. Let me sincerely congratulate you on this memorable and solemn day and on the upcoming national holiday - Independence Day,” Roman Golovchenko concluded.

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