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Sustainable management of Belarusian peatlands was discussed in “Sporauski” reserve

The “Clima-East” project, funded by the European Union and implemented by the United Nations Development Program, held a training seminar on "Conservation and sustainable use of wetlands in Belarus. Ways and methods of solving problems". The event was attended by the representatives of an extended meeting of the Bureau of the Department of Biological Sciences of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. 

The seminar was held at the Ecological Information Center of the Republican Biological Reserve "Sporovsky". 

The project is coming to an end. It is important keep its positive results, to see what economic effect we are getting for the zakaznik to have its feet firmly on the ground and keep developing”, underlined Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Alexander Korbut

We have here so many interested specialists involved in the project: representatives of agriculture, forestry, Ministry of Nature, the Academy of Sciences. With such enthusiasm, we have a good opportunity to apply the project’s results throughout the territory of Belarus”, said Nikolay Svidinsky, Head of the Department of Biological and Landscape Diversity of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection. 

Mikhail Nikiforov, Academician-Secretary of the Department of Biological Sciences of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus noted: "Some of the results obtained during the project implementation are a new experience for us. Many approaches and scientific ideas were used for the first time. I'm sure there will be a useful discussion today”. 

Participants of the seminar inspected the project's pilot territories, visited the alternative energy station. They were demonstrated the work of equipment to harvest peatlands biomass. 

The issues of obtaining economic benefits from the project’s implementation, the use of peatlands biomass for energy purposes, the results of monitoring the biodiversity status of animals and plant communities were in the focus of the seminar. 

Vladimir Koltunov, the “Clima-East” project manager informed the participants on the conservation and sustainable use of peatlands in Belarus.  
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