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Tidy Up Native Land campaign gets underway in Belarus

The Tidy Up Native Land environmental campaign dedicated to the Year of Native Land started in Belarus.

“We will do our best to tidy up every piece of land. Our priority is to engage as many people in the campaign as possible. The campaign started in Minsk with many famous Belarusians taking part in it Other regions will also join in,” Belarus' Minister of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Andrei Khudyk said.

“Today the Tidy Up Native Land campaign has started in Minsk. I think it is right as the capital is the heart of the country and it is here where all important decisions come from. The campaign will reach each and every corner of Belarus. Everyone should contribute. If you want to live in a beautiful country, you need to make an effort. Clean-up days have been organized across the country. We need to clean up our hometowns and the places we live,” said Marianna Shchetkina, Deputy Chairwoman of the Council of the Republic, National Coordinator for Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

The campaign started in the Park of Stones in Uruchye District of Minsk. The park was chosen for a purpose as it has a big map of Belarus made of stones. Minsk residents hailing from different parts of the country had the possibility to clean up the piece of their native land.

The environmental campaign dedicated to the Year of Native Land will be running in Belarus from April to October.      

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